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We stock a variety of products and brands, 1 quart to a 330 gallon tote, no request is too big or small!  In addition to pre-packaged items from suppliers, Fronk Oil has a packaging agreement with Phillips 66 to drum or pail any of our bulk products.

Using too many packaged products? Visit our bulk link and see what options are available.  Volume based discounts!

Not sure which product you need in your piece of equipment.  Use this lube look up tool to find out.  Need a cross reference? Our sales team has additional resources to help you find the right products!

Industry News

PC-11 Update

To be phased in between 2014 to 2018, the new regulations would impose different fuel-efficiency targets based on the size and weight of vehicle types. Vehicles impacted include combination tractor & trailers; pickup trucks, buses, vans and vocational service vehicles.

To address engine oil requirements of vehicles designed to meet the NHTSA standards, the Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) made a request for the American Petroleum Institute (API) to develop a new commercial engine oil performance category. That new category has been dubbed Proposed Category 11, or PC-11 for short. The current commercial engine oil performance category, API CJ-4 (once known as PC-10), was first made available in October 2006. It will have been in the market for 10 years by the time PC-11 is released. API CJ-4 and earlier API performance categories were created to address improved engine durability and the needs of technologies introduced to reduce exhaust emissions. Diesel engine oil changes to address improved fuel economy are a new dimension.

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